Basketball Referees' Club

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Basketball Referees' Club
Our site has not been updated to new rules yet.

Welcome to the site of Basketball Referees' Club

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basketballThis is an exclusive CLUB established for BASKETBALL REFEREES working UNDER FIBA RULES, but any basketball referees officiating outside of FIBA are also welcome.

This site is not for players, coaches or fans. Only referees, commissioners or instructors may register. However, if you are (or were) a BASKETBALL REFEREE, regardless of your officiating level, you are WELCOME TO our site so please feel free to REGISTER.

Our aim is to set up a communication base for basketball referees all over the world, at ANY OFFICIATING LEVEL, in order to exchange ideas among them, and improve the level of officiating.


What does this website offer to you? You can (at the moment)

  • TEST your basketball RULE knowledge by completing the written rule test questions (Quick Practice - Rule Test). We've got over 1100 rule questions and you can select from four different levels.
  • TEST your officiating ability (to make decisions by watching game situations on VIDEO (Quick Practice - Video Test). We've got over 600 video test questions.
  • Every week WATCH and DISCUSS a new INTERESTING SITUATION (Play of the Week). We have been putting a not easy or not obvious situation here each week and you can vote what you think the best decision is, you can also discuss it with other BRC members all over the world. In order to see the statistics how the others have voted you need to vote !!!
  • Use a FORUM to discuss Rules, Interpretations, Play situations, Mechanics, etc. (New)

    This site is under continuous construction.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 January 2010 09:07 )

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